San Lorenzo Yacht – Because of The Passion For Luxury

Each SanLorenzo Yacht is the ultimate ship for anyone who expects nothing less than the perfection, top-level luxury, and strict individual approach. Almost six decades of the tradition and experience make Sanlorenzo the right choice. We are the boutique shipyard, each ship we work on is the unique project for us. We at Sanlorenzo are also not satisfied with anything below the level of absolute perfection and that is why our products are setting standards for the whole industry.



We perfectly understand that customers who consider buying the yacht or a superyacht in the segment in which we are working are looking for something special. They are looking for the ship which will be reflecting their uniqueness and exclusivity. And it is exactly what we can offer to them. The ultimate luxury and uncompromising quality are characteristics which make our yachts famous worldwide.

Only a limited number of our ships is being produced each year as every single unit is unique as our clients are. With a wide variety of the types and with the unparalleled level of personalization possibilities, we can address your specific needs and dreams. You can contact any of our brand representatives all around the globe to discuss anything you are interested in, we will be delighted to answer all of your questions.

San Lorenzo Yacht – The Expression of Exclusivity

With the level of personalization, unparalleled on the global market in this segment, which our customers are able to do during the yacht manufacturing process, the ship will be the manifesto of their personality in every sense. All of their preferences in terms of interior design, materials or entertainment and relaxation options will be included in the project. Whether you want 24 meters SL yacht or the 64 meters superyacht, your order will have an undivided attention and we will discuss every aspect of the project with you.

Your individual style is what we want to define your new yacht. We cooperate with internationally recognized designers who will do their best to incorporate your taste and habits into the project and prepare the perfect tailor-made solution for you. Great attention is given to the materials selection. At Sanlorenzo, you will not be limited to several types of fabrics or a colour of the wall. We are ready to provide your yacht even with the elements made of special materials like marble or some exotic wood types. We also cooperate only with the best artisans who provide only the perfect handcrafted production according to your task.

The Quest for Perfection

Since 1958, workers in our shipyards are giving the dedicated and professional work. Thanks to them, our brand evolved from the small shipyard producing wooden yachts into the major player on the global market with motor yachts ranging from 24 to more than 60 meters. Today, our ships include the top-level safety measurements, innovative equipment, or high-tech entertainment options. But we have never forgotten our beginnings. We are proud of the brand and its success.



Because of that, we feel the great responsibility to continue in this quest for perfection which has started more than 50 years ago in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy, in the place named Viareggio. It is the historical heritage as well as our passion for innovations which moves us forward. We will be satisfied only if we will deliver the absolute top product to our customers. That is our policy and the most important company value. Any customer who is looking for this approach will be satisfied with Sanlorenzo. If you will decide to choose us, we will be excited and delighted to have you on board.

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