San Lorenzo 82 – A Fine Addition to San Lorenzo’s Portfolio

The San Lorenzo 82 model takes place directly above the SL 72 by San Lorenzo. While still being a rather small boat, it provides reasonable space. Also, it certainly does not lack the traditional San Lorenzo wow-effect.  And while every yacht is hard to miss, in case of San Lorenzo SL 82 this is truer than in any other case. San Lorenzo’s cutting-edge design is simply impossible to miss.

This little preview’s purpose is to introduce the San Lorenzo 82 yacht’s features to possible buyers as well as to introduce them to the famous San Lorenzo customization.




Technical Data

As the SL 82 model stands directly above the entry model of the SL line it is somewhat predictable that the vessel is slightly larger than its smaller sibling. The yacht is 24.9 meters long and 6.2 meters wide. Draft at full load is 2.35 meters. It provides just enough space to accommodate eight passengers together with three crew members.


The heart of every ship is almost certainly the engine room. That of SanLorenzo 82 contains either two MAN V12 1800 engines with 3600 combined horsepower or two CAT C32 ACERT engines with around 3450 horsepower.  The strength coming from the engines enables the yacht to cruise at the speed of up to 31 knots, which roughly equals 57 kilometres per hour. The ship’s fuel tank capacity is 8100 litres and the maximum range is 705 nautical miles, or 1306 kilometres.


San Lorenzo 82 – A Gentle Step-up

What does it even mean to order a luxurious San Lorenzo yacht? Not only that you will receive a well-crafted jewel among boats, but also that you can directly participate on its creation. You as the client will be guided by a team of designers, who will listen to your demands. In the end they will carefully put all your selected specifications together to finalize the project and create your very own San Lorenzo SL 82.


The main reason to why it is so good to not rely solely on the designer’s service is the fact, that it is not him who will inhabit the yacht, but the future owner. And each client has his own taste. Thanks to the San Lorenzo customization he can choose the constitution of the yacht’s layout and even materials used during the manufacturing.




Is the SL 82 for you?

While reading this you might be asking yourself if this vessel is the right for you. Perhaps you are thinking that the smaller model will be more than enough or maybe you are hesitating if this one is not too small for your and your family’s needs. To answer that question, you need to consider several factors.


Let’s say that you do not wish to cruise for long distances at once, but your preference lies in sailing from between harbours and ports scattered along the coast. Then the San Lorenzo SL 82 embodies the right yacht to suit your needs. French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur if you wish) is a perfect example of such habitat. Additionally, the San Lorenzo shipyard is just a stone’s throw away from the Riviera thus providing a perfect starting point for your very first sail.


Another factor worth considering is the average number of people who will be occupying the yacht. As was mentioned previously, this particular model is designed for eight passengers, which seems to be more than enough as the usual number of close family members goes. And if your family has some experienced sailors, they can even take place of the crew.


To put that simple, the SL 82 will be more than enough of a boat for most of its future owners and those who will decide to buy it will never regret their choice.

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