San Lorenzo 72 – Your First Step into the Larger World

The San Lorenzo 72 model represents the entry model into the SL line by San Lorenzo. Despite the yacht’s rather small dimensions, due to its well-designed exterior the San Lorenzo SL 72 will sure prove to be a real eye-catcher at any place imaginable. This article is written to provide a brief insight into specifications, various features and the customization process of the SL 72.


Technical Data

As the SL 72 model stands as the entry model of the SL line it is somewhat predictable that both its exterior and interior are not as spacious as those of its larger siblings. The yacht is 22.8 meters long and 5.70 meters wide. Draft at full load is 1.93 meters. The ship can provide accommodation for seven passengers and two crew members.




The power required for the yacht to move comes either from two MAN V12 1400 engines with 2800 combined horsepower or from two MTU 10V 2000 M93 engines with just a bit over 3000 horsepower.  The strength coming from the engines enables the yacht to cruise at the speed of up to 30 knots – roughly 56 kph. The ship’s fuel tank capacity is 5100 liters and the maximum range is 692 nautical miles, or 1280 kilometers.


San Lorenzo 72 – Fitting Like a Suit

And now a few words about the famed San Lorenzo customization process. This process consists of five stages and during these the client, together with the designers, can choose not only the design of the interior, but even the layout and materials he wishes to enjoy while spending time in his SanLorenzo 72.


The SL 72 has a rather cozy interior, but still it provides enough space for comfortable cruising. The future owner can design his own desirable layout of cabins and leisure accessories. And that is certainly not the only thing addressed in the customization process.


Usually, every client has his own preferred style which blends together with his personality. This style can be best observed in the client’s home. And a yacht’s deck is also a place where you want to feel at home. San Lorenzo cooperates with various world-famous designers. This ensures that the final design will satisfy every single customer.


Not only the design team, but also the client has a word during the customization process. After all the designer’s job is mainly to help and bring all the chosen options tastefully together.


The completion

Once the project is ready it is time for the next step, the completion. San Lorenzo employs the best artisans and their work is synonymous with quality. The completion process itself is very delicate, because the result must be something very special – the customer’s brand-new San Lorenzo 72 yacht.




Since the foundation of San Lorenzo in 1958, the company cares very much for the quality of its products, resulting in the supervisors’ pivotal role during final stage of production.


How it is to be an owner of a yacht?

Owning a private yacht is without a shadow of a doubt a dream of many people. A lifetime achievement for some, a token of wealth for others, but a new way to explore the Earth for all of them. Honestly, who would not want the freedom brought by a private ship. Cruising along the coast or across the ocean can open a whole new world.


And the San Lorenzo SL 72 is a perfect way to enter this world. This nimble boat will surely make smile on the face of any of its future owners. If you are one of those currently considering a purchase of a yacht, this model will be a fine first step to the world of luxury private vessels.

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