San Lorenzo 118 – for the most demanding of clients

The San Lorenzo 118 model presents the new flagship of the SL line yachts by San Lorenzo. The yacht’s eye-catching design guarantees that the ship will not escape anyone’s sight while cruising or at the marina. This preview serves as an introduction to the most important features and specifications of the San Lorenzo SL 118 yacht.


Technical Data


As the SL 118 model stands at the very top of the SL line it is understandable that both its exterior and interior are rather spacious. The yacht is 36.50 meters long and 7.60 meters wide. Draft at full load is 2.25 meters. Due to all the provided space, the yacht can accommodate up to ten passengers and five crew members.




Such a large ship requires quite the punch. This comes from two MTU 16V 2000 M96L diesel engines with 5200 combined horsepower. All this strength enables the yacht to cruise at the speed of 27 knots, which equals 50 kph. The ship’s fuel capacity is 13700 liters, which means the odds of consuming all the fuel are practically zero. The effective range of the SL 118 is generous 1845 nautical miles or 3416 kilometers.


San Lorenzo 118 – Customization Process


Since the foundation in 1958 San Lorenzo cares much for its customers and a perfect proof of this care is to be seen throughout the customization process. During that process the selected designer carefully listens to the client’s demands and makes sure those demands are meaningfully incorporated into the project. Thanks to this, each one of San Lorenzo yachts is unique.


Generally, the clients want to have the yacht designed to go with their personal style and habits. Some prefer opulence, others may like subtle elegance and a good insight is usually provided in their homes. Due to cooperation with leading designers, San Lorenzo yacht is always tailor-made right for the customer.


This also means that the client has a firm word during the customization process. It is only up to his choice which materials will be used for the furniture and the interior.


What to Expect from the SL Flagship?




Well in one word the buyer of any San Lorenzo boat can expect perfection. If you choose to buy any yacht from San Lorenzo’s portfolio you know you are buying a high-quality product, but what if you buy the flagship? Every single SL is made for spending extended periods of time on the sea, but it is more than true in the case of SL 118. With regard to its vast operation range far exceeding 3000 kilometers, this yacht is well-suited for long cruises, which present the perfect adventure for a true yachtsman. If you are one of those people who prefer absolute freedom while maintaining top-notch level of luxury, then this yacht was meant for you.


A perfect place for your holiday spent with family and friends, a floating hotel, a fortress of joy and happiness.


Thanks to the exterior design of the boat, especially the black glass and white body, the SL 118 embodies the very purity of the San Lorenzo SL line, it combines the best features of every San Lorenzo yacht and brings it to another level. Everything from the layout and the cutting-edge design and technologies up to the luxurious materials and final build quality is always in sync with what the client desired. In case of San Lorenzo SL 118 yacht all of this is further accented by the fact that the model embodies the very top of the line.


To put it simple, every San Lorenzo is suitable for the role of a flagship, but SL 118 is simply a flagship among flagships.

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