San Lorenzo 112 – Just One Step Short of Perfection

The San Lorenzo 112 embodies the near top model of the San Lorenzo SD line of private yachts. It lies directly under the flagship model SL 126. This boat offers practically everything you can imagine. Due to its rather big dimensions the San Lorenzo 112 will make everyone jealous. It will dominate every marina. This article is meant as a brief preview to provide insight into specifications, various features and the customization process of the SD 112.


Technical Data




The SD 112 stands just one step under the very top of the SD line of luxurious yachts. With that in mind it is safe to assume that the boat is not only overflowing with luxury, but also it offers enough space for somewhat big number of people.


The SD 112 is spacious enough to provide accommodation for ten passengers and seven crew members. The yacht is 34.10 meters long and 7.66 meters wide. Draught at full load is exactly two meters and displacement at half load is 170 tons.


Enough punch to power the vessel is provided by two CAT Acert C32 engines with a combined power output of 2940 horsepower, which is more than enough for comfortable cruising across the seas.

Maximum speed is 17 knots (31 kph) and maximum range is 2750 nautical miles (5093 kilometers) due to hefty fuel tank capacity of 25000 liters.


San Lorenzo 112 – Absolute Freedom of your Floating Home


One of San Lorenzo company’s best features is the cooperation of the designers with the customer. The customer can express his own personality while creating the interior. This is because every individual has a style of his own in which he feels the most comfortable. The designer will just lead the client to prevent any major design flaws and together they will create a place of harmony for all the yacht’s inhabitants.


As usual with the San Lorenzo yachts, the client can have the SD 112 in several setups of interior and flying deck. All of those are mostly cosmetic as they only change the furniture disposition, but even that proves how thorough the customization can be.


The possibility to choose from several different types of materials and decors for virtually any piece of furniture also cannot go without notice.


A Natural-Born Cruiser


There are several types of yachts in San Lorenzo’s portfolio. Some are more suitable for short cruises, while others can partake in longer ones. The San Lorenzo SD 112 with its absolutely stunning range of more than 5000 kilometers falls right into the latter category.




That means the yacht is more than capable as a true long-distance cruiser that can take you on long trips along endless coasts or even, although with a refill every now and then, across any ocean. This ability goes more than well with the boat’s dimensions and overall luxury as the San Lorenzo 112 yacht represents a true sea hotel offering true comfort of a floating suite for you and your family, friends or whoever you invite. Especially when paired with all the service provided by your seven crew members.


And while the speed of SD 112 is a bit on the slower side, it actually goes really well together with all the comfort and luxury provided by the boat.

Fascination by The Endless Sea


People have always been fascinated by the vastness of the seas. And even though the whole world has already been mapped, the feeling of cruising across the ocean is still something really special. A feeling of absolute freedom, just you and your family, the boat and the sea. What could be possibly more relaxing than that?

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