San Lorenzo 104 – The Golden Mean

The San Lorenzo 104 model represents the middle model of the SL line by San Lorenzo. Being at the center means that the SL 104 offers more than some other models of the SL line, but still it does not quite reach to the absolute top.




In this article we will cover the basics about the San Lorenzo SL 104’s technical specifications. Also, we will delve deeper into how the model is designed and completed to fully satisfy all the requirements of its future owner.


Technical Data

The SL 104 stands above the entry models of the SL line hence it is somewhat predictable that both its exterior and interior are approaching the dimensions of higher San Lorenzo models. The yacht is 31.7 meters long and 7.05 meters wide. Draft at full load is 2 meters. The ship is spacious enough to provide enough room to easily accommodate eight passengers and either four or five crew members (depending on the chosen specification). Displacement at full load is quite hefty 125 metric tons.

The buyer can get the yacht with two types of engines. Either double MTU 16V 2000 M84 with 4432 horsepower or a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M93 with 4868 combined horsepower.


The maximum speed is around 29 knots (nearly 54 kph) and thanks to 8300-liter fuel tank, the yacht’s maximum range is 1406 nautical miles (approximately 2600 kilometers), which is a fantastic number.


San Lorenzo 104 – Customization is Key

The San Lorenzo company has a famous name due to the build quality of its products. This quality is achieved thanks to several factors.


First factor is the customization, during which the team of carefully chosen designers cooperates with the client to direct the client’s ideas in a way to reach the perfect final interior of the client’s dreams. Because San Lorenzo 104 yacht’s interior is quite spacious, the space for customization is pretty large. The boat can fit numerous cabins and all of those can be designed to follow one overall theme or several different ones.


After finalizing the concept, it is time for the second factor – the realization. San Lorenzo’s employees have. San Lorenzo employs the best artisans, virtuosos in their field of work. The clients can be sure that their San Lorenzo 104’s completion is in good hands.


Yachting – a lifelong passion

Cruising in a yacht is without a doubt a highly addictive passion. And as every passion in the world it needs a perfect tool to get the job done. The San Lorenzo SL 104 represents the right tool for those who prefer longer cruises as its fairly generous range of more than 1400 nautical miles offers a much desirable amount of freedom on the sea. And, hands down, if you are a yacht owner, you are probably a highly busy individual and what can every busy individual welcome the most? A possibility to “turn off” for at least a tiny moment.




That is exactly, what an ownership of a yacht offers. But it is not the only thing. The other is a bit more pragmatic as a yacht provides a personal machine for new discoveries. What other machine can bring you closer to various archipelagos scattered throughout the oceans but a boat?

And then there is another perk of owning a yacht. The possibility to board up to eight of your friends or family members and spend together a truly unforgettable vacation.


Combine all of those three benefits and you will get a holiday full of discoveries during which you will be completely free from any disturbances from the outer world. You and only you will be the one to choose the route and all the places to visit. Is the yacht not just a perfect vehicle?


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