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  • Mike

    Reading the story and going through the photos was painful as hell and scary at the same time because I was almost decided to pick the SL for the construction of my future 28m yacht – which could’ve been a fatal mistake according to the facts provided by you.

    Even though I heard a complaint or two about the current low quality level of the SL from my close friend already before, I never truly believed it till I literary saw it thanks to this website… I’ve been always told that the SL was/is a great manufacturer – but obviously it is a long gone history by now. At the very first moment I visited this website I thought this is just another fake, anti-marketing nonsense probably done by a competitor, but when I visited the gallery I was shocked…

    That’s just something that can’t be disproved so easily. I really feel sorry for you and all other yacht lovers out there suffering such horrors caused by deceptive yacht-builders. I just hope that the SL won’t get out of it easily and will face the consequences for their crappy product and irresponsible attitude. Wish you best luck and thank you for your courage to publish your experience! You opened my eyes and saved me from a potentional future nightmare…

  • Larry

    Sadly, this is just another example of what can happen to once great company when it is driven by greed. Some traditions, pride or craftsmanship goes out of the window. Seems that only goal is to finish as many ships as possible with no regards on quality.
    Your story and most importantly the photos you provided shows the sad truth. Use of a lot of cheap components, work of subcontractors who are obviously underpaid and have no reason to care at all for the whole project. It’s sad to see this dive into mediocrity in favour of more money.
    Thank you very much for setting up this website and for sharing the truth. I must admit, that both my friends and I were really shocked when reading through. Hope you won’t get into the trouble for sharing this and the tribunal is going to hold the company responsible. It is the only way to raise a bar

  • Robert

    I was impressed by the launch of another one of their new 52m steel yachts. This site has convinced me to forget about it. Thanks guys, the information came in the right moment before I would make a costly mistake…

  • Emad Khashoggi

    Unfortunately I am going through hell with SanLorenzo building a 52M. I will have a let to share soon…

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