Custom-made boats: failure or triumph?



Mr. Giovanni Janetti, the establisher of the Sanlorenzo Yachts (1958), would certainly not be very happy about the negative changes of their original philosophy and his brand becoming considered mediocre instead of “elegant”.

“When it comes to Make-up, Scam Lorenzo steals the show…”

A Brief History…

My name is Vojtech. I am a 47 y.o. IT specialist. I am both the owner and manager of a communications company maintaining and servicing base stations for GSM operators in Slovakia.

I am a pleasure seeker and I simply love sailing.
I believed that sailing was about peace of mind and relaxation, up until I saw the displeasing situations my best friend and his wife experienced during the construction of their new boat.

The process lasted two outrageous years and during it, me and my friend have regularly shared thoughts, talked about the progress of the construction, and visited the shipyard countless times. As a boat owner I tried to advise him and provide him with my knowledge and my own experiences. My friend is a very knowledgeable engineer and a boating lover.

By witnessing their frustration, I have decided to create this website and share our experiences to warn all the boat enthusiasts’ about the quality of Sanlorenzo custom-made products. I decided to keep my friend’s identity anonymous for understandable reasons.

It was towards the end of 2013 when my friend decided to build a semi-custom yacht to enjoy moments with his wife at the sea. There was a many world renowned yacht builders available, but after some consideration, only two companies seemed to be the potential right choice.


He chosen the Sanlorenzo because they shown more “passion” and interest towards his project. But right after the start of the project, he and his surveyors started to notice some of the first alarming stuff-ups appearing all over the boat. And unfortunately, than was only the beginning!

The litigation is now handled by the Arbitration Tribunal in UK.

The purpose of this website is not to offend any person or private entity. It was created for sharing experiences and raise boating enthusiasts’ awareness…

About Sanlorenzo…

In 1958 Giovanni Jannetti founded the Cantieri Navali Sanlorenzo. The headquarters of the shipyard are nowadays located on the river Magra, inside the Montemarcello-Magra natural reserve, Ameglia – the province of La Spezia, in Liguria, Italy.
Their second division is in Viareggio, the Tuscan seaside town, which is the historic center of Italian motor yacht manufacturers.

Photography of an old Sanlorenzo build

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